Apr 17
Oh my god I be so nervous

Oh my god I be so nervous


Here’s my first release ^_^
Free to download, optional to donate


3D Art Reel 001 HZ_RD//

Song: “Gaia’s Chant” by Chainless

5 hours of teaching myself how to use Cinema 4D

5 hours of teaching myself how to use Cinema 4D

RAIN(FirstDraft) -HZRD

Because it rained today.

Feb 27

Drank so much hard cider that my piss smells like crisp apples.


Feb 08


OKAY these designs are for sale right now. $32

HMU with your preferred size and color.

You can pay with paypal or with your credit/debit card. *paypal is way easier

I’ll probably be posting a sweatshirt too. I’m revising the original one because I’m still not happy with it.

Thanks! ^_^

Feb 06

I’ve been up since 2am lying in bed not able to sleep literally because my mind is racing theorizing hovercrafts using sound waves powered by graphene.
I’m a crazy person.

Virtual_Emotion -HZ_RD

2nd out 4 new Virtual Emotion designs

1st out of 4 new apparel designs I’m doing. Pricing later…HMU if you’re interested.

I’m about to put a couple new designs up for sale. T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies…I also have the option to make hot shorts or panties…Which one should I make a design for……HOT SHORTS or PANTIES ???